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What to do If You Think or Have Reason To Believe That You are Under Investigation

Under InvestigationIf you are aware that an investigation is ongoing or imminent, then the time to consult with the Law Offices of Sam Rabin is now, before it is too late.  Let our depth of experience in this highly complicated and sophisticated area of criminal law work to your advantage. Miami Criminal Defense Attorney Sam Rabin can be most effective for you before criminal charges are filed.  If, during our meeting with prosecutors we are able to convince them that you, yourself, are a victim, then it is possible to become a witness and not a defendant!  But you must act immediately before criminal charges are filed.

While we handle Medicare Fraud and Healthcare Fraud cases all over the United States, we are especially well versed in the kind of activity that is occurring in South Florida.  There is no obligation for a free and confidential consultation to evaluate your situation.  Make your appointment now with Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer Sam Rabin by calling (305) 358-1064 or toll free (888) 358-1064.

With over thirty (30) years experience as both a prosecutor and a criminal defense lawyer, Sam Rabin is in the best position to put his expertise to work for you.

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Accused? Arrested?

When your freedom and reputation are at risk, talk to a criminal defense lawyer who has experience with the type of charges you are facing.

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